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At 3:37 on October 1, 2010, haret said…

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At 15:03 on May 15, 2010, Steven Cant said…
Hi Clem are is up in Blackpool ?
At 11:48 on April 22, 2009, Billy Scammell said…
hiya Clem
how u doing u old scroat?drinking 2 much no doubt.
At 0:13 on March 7, 2009, Steve Irving (Geordie) said…
Hey up Ginga

Hows it going lovva...
Sorry i havent been able to answer you earlier been on the ice roads, thats me finished now, back to work in Edmonton again
Hows life treating my little ginger love boat (do you remember the kissing competition we won) LOL
At 22:28 on March 5, 2009, PAUL GRIMO GRIMSON said…
now then clem me old m8, still remember the trip 2 your place n the attic bedroom, the club,by the way how the hell dib we get up those stairs pissed, hows the family,what you up to now.
At 13:22 on March 4, 2009, Paul Flight said…
Hi ya Clem,

How's life treating you?

Funny the things you talk about. My missus and I were talking about you and your pet rats in Fally. Have you still got them???

Hope all is good.

Paul Flight
At 16:48 on January 25, 2009, colin (bean)wootton said…
hello there clem its bean here,hows it goin,you still rushing around on a bike these days....col...
At 11:46 on January 3, 2009, stevie {big jock} mcghee said…
happy new year fo 2009 mate
At 18:35 on October 23, 2008, PAUL MOTLER (motty) said…
hi clem hows things going mate ? are you still doing the rugby training,long time no see mate last time was at the re-union at sheffield hope your well
At 8:16 on October 18, 2008, Andrew Ferguson said…
Hey up clem hows it going

Drop me a email with yor mobile number so I can give you a call

Cheers Fergie
At 5:57 on October 17, 2008, Peter Roberts said…
alright mate how are you keeping,sorry to hear you cant go the reunion this year but i hope to see you soon mate you know were we are in heartbreak hotel if you want to come up for a drink.see you soon mate.scouse roberts.
At 15:46 on October 16, 2008, stevie {big jock} mcghee said…
hi mate,long time,hows it going with you.just remembered that bloody rat of yours.lol
At 1:21 on October 10, 2008, Pete Fielding said…
Hey up big fella.
Hows the rugby going? Bloody silly game if you ask me, all that bumping into each other then off to sing songs. Whats that all about?
At 19:40 on October 8, 2008, ken baldwin said…
F**K me Clem,
I was just going to give you the old ......

'Hi Bryn,
welcome to the site, enjoy it and when you get a chance post some photos from the past and present :)

Ken. '.......

Since when was you called Bryn... (okay since childhood I guess), for 25 years plus you have been only known as Clem.
And do you know what, I was listening to ,Talking Heads' the other day, On The Road To Know Where and you face cropped up from Mr Drinks - you just stood there basically 'marching on the dance floor' with a just a certain look on you face,...nobody else dancing, just you - puts a smile on my face I can tell you :)
Nice to have you on board...now who did the fastest race to Hanover on their bike..., then again who did it and got pulled by the Polizti!!! LoL!!!
At 18:33 on October 8, 2008, phil boyen said…
hello clem
hows it going mate
At 22:30 on October 7, 2008, Stu Summers said…
Hi Clem,
How's it going mate?



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