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At 14:10 on November 11, 2014, Alwyn(Taff) Phillips said…

Hi Ray,

Just become a member, been trying to contact Jack Shep after seeing his video on you tube no luck so far. Can you assist me

At 15:07 on March 1, 2014, Mark Flint (flinty) said…

Hi ray nice to hear from you , its been a long long time , will have a drink (or two) in fally soon , regards to you and yours , flinty! 

At 17:12 on October 22, 2013, jack shepherd said…

Yes mate my son craig persuaded me to go,will try and go each year if i can,im fit and well but were all getting a bit older,enjoy your cruise, regards jack.

At 18:17 on September 7, 2012, Tony brown said…
Hi ray

All good thanks, glad you liked the pictures I posted, they bring bracknsome great memories.

At 19:38 on July 11, 2012, ken parsons said…

Hi Ray, havn't been on this site for ages. Just picked up on Colin being very very ill. Hope he pulls through this as it is a tough one to fight. I have tried to call Bud, as they are old mates, and Bud doesn't live far from Colin. No luck calling his mobile number! I have Colins home number if you want it.

How is life treating you up north, all is well with myself and family. Now retired down south, at sunny Bexhill-on-Sea. Our only son got married three week ago in Berlin. It was great to go over and down a few Berlin beers, brought back a few memories of time in Germany!!!!!!

All the best KP.

At 18:33 on July 5, 2012, Marshall Samuel Greer said…

Hi Ray, nice to have you as a friend ha ha, it's been a few years now.

We are fine here hope you and the family are well.

Take Care Marshall

At 19:21 on November 22, 2011, derek john wilson (Willie) said…

Yes I remember now  ´top secret´.We collected it from a German camp near Ulm.Thats between Stuttgart and Munich.The cover was so no one could see it wasnt English.The detail was not official.

At 18:44 on November 21, 2011, derek john wilson (Willie) said…

Hi Ray, In answer to the Half-track. It must have been in 1975.Im guessing really. I know it wasn´t  78 because i left at the end of 75.

At 10:12 on September 8, 2011, patrick morgan said…
ref bass broomes ,thats all we did was sweep up leaves,round and round in circles.still we all had some good times.was even able to walk across the square without being shouted at this time,there is plenty of grass growing on it though
At 15:31 on July 2, 2011, Brian Macleod said…

 I do believe you are correct you did take that one.How are you doing ,long time since sunny fally.There are some familier faces on the site from days gone bye but not forgotten.

  jock macleod


At 10:54 on June 19, 2011, alan copperwhite said…

will be at reunion i don`t know if u go

hope to see u there

At 16:57 on October 5, 2010, ray forgie said…
hi ray dont know if you have noticed but our dear friend grass green has just joined the site cheers
At 3:48 on October 1, 2010, haret said…

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At 20:53 on July 29, 2010, ken parsons said…
Hi Ray,
The memory is not what it was, not that i had a good memory. Give me another clue to start the chip between my ears working. Did i know you at FALLY? Great lads and good humour up at Fally but i cannot remember you. I must apologize, but i am sure the memory chip will click on.
Best Regards.
At 13:11 on July 1, 2010, ray veasey said…
hiya ray been wating for this years invite to the reunion but not turned up yet but that aside how are you these days im not too bad apart from the arthiritis in both my knees but could be a lot worse i suppose poor old scud cant get out of his house unaided he depends on friends and family for almost everything. regards and best wishes ray veasey (diesel feet)
At 16:25 on May 17, 2010, Kenn Griffiths said…
Hi Ray,

I'm sure I served with you and I think we went through training together?

Kenn Griffiths
At 16:53 on May 4, 2010, normanglynjones said…
Hello Ray,Not been on this site very long,but picked up your comment on Barneys site about any info on Billy Hamilton, I remember him from Senne mid-sixties and also his wife.The photo of him on drag brings back good memories, I think the D.R. may be a chap called Ron Penfold(Cpl), and the fellow standing on the tractor unit at a guess may be Bob Regan. All the Best, Norman (Taff).
At 12:13 on April 18, 2010, ray forgie said…
Hi Ray nice comment about the wall had a good laugh about that one cheers
At 21:32 on March 26, 2010, ray forgie said…
Hi Ray i dont know what all the fuss was about the turd i mean we always left a little something as a thank you for letting us stay the night
At 20:58 on March 26, 2010, allan proctor (chalky) said…
hi ray i found the photos in my old bag so i put on the site i hope it took you back too the good old days if i find any more i will put them on talk too you soon chalky



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