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Sorry Steve, been informed today by Colin Coxon that it is you who runs the Tktpr.co.uk site and not Stevie Breach! Again thanks Steve for the link to the site from www.Tktpr.co.uk, I'll have to make the reunion next year...been saying that to Vic for years now but I really do need to pull my finger out on this one. Again thanks - Ken

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Comment by Ray (Muscles) Green on September 29, 2008 at 19:50
When Paul Manning was 16 Sqn SSM, he said to me "In the Army we are all actors and we all have a role to play." That was so true. Dont take it home with you.
Comment by ken baldwin on September 11, 2008 at 19:36
Hi Steve, thanks for joining it's nice to see your face again after what; 25 years!
Spoke to Colin Coxon the other day and he told me about Paul Manning, great bloke who had lots of respect from all who served with him - more than I can say for a few others that I had worked with in the past. Ah well, what you doing up in Scotland, rigs I me thinks (well actually it came from Vic the other week when he dropped into our place for a few biers)? Nice earner if it is, anyway get some pictures up of 'B' troop (please don't tell me it was C troop) from Fally and and lets have a laugh at the great fashion that used to be around and ALL bought out of the kitchen area when that bloke came round flogging gear once a month - I bought many a Gilleani shirt from him... DOH!!!
Great to see you again, can't make it to the reunion this year but hopefully I'll drag a few others with me next year (Henson, Oarton, Jonah and maybe Penfold), so until then keeping posting pictures and comments on the site and spread the word.
Comment by Steve Breach on September 11, 2008 at 10:30
Hello to all you ex and current TKTPTR men. Remember what the late great Paul Manning WO2 SSM deceased once said....Tank Transporter men are made of something else......I believe his words because on several occasions I have been told I'm full of something that rhymes with grit.......



Membership is free to join the Tank Transporter website, however not all those who apply are welcome due to spamming that has gone on in the past. Those individuals (spammers) who pretend to either have served or is currently serving, either want to send out false claims of poverty or get rich schemes to all of us.

I approve each member to the site, most times I get it right but the odd one slips through the net, if you feel that your application…


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