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Brian Stent
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  • Doncaster Yorkshire
  • United Kingdom
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Brian Stent commented on ken baldwin's page Last Post
"Bob Morris,s son Glen has passed the details of his funeral on to me to let all tank transporters now. His funeral will take place on the 16 of February 2-0 pm at St James Church Radley, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2JN. Cards can be sent to Glen…"
Feb 9, 2015
Brian Stent left a comment for Robert Allen
"Hello Bob, It,s with great sadness to have to inform you that bob Morris has died. he had a fall before Christmas and broke his hip he never got over it regards Brian. "
Feb 2, 2015
Brian Stent left a comment for Robert Allen
"hello Bob, hope you are well sorry I havn,t been in touch for a while iv,e been rather pre occupied, plus weve been away in the lake district  nice, good hotel and nice weather the wife and me go quite regular, she,s just recovering from a…"
Sep 27, 2014
Brian Stent left a comment for Robert Allen
"Hello Bob, Just been looking at the Tank Transporter web site thinking back all them years putting names to faces is the hardest job, we can look at photos but are unable to put names to them, I got made up to L/Cpl and sharing a room with me was a…"
Jul 16, 2014
Brian Stent left a comment for Mick Gill
"Hello Bob, I have been looking at your discussion with mick Gill we are good friends, we have a chat on Skype now and again, we met up in Grantham 2012 with 2 other ex 123 guys a mini reunion, I keep saying I will meet him again some time its…"
Jul 2, 2014
Brian Stent left a comment for Robert Allen
"Hello Bob, Thanks for the response to the fatality, it was a bad day for all the crews on the convoy nobody wanted to carry on but we had to, I noticed in a comment from Bob Morris you had trouble at the Dutch border Venlo, was you coming back from…"
Jun 10, 2014
Brian Stent left a comment for Robert Allen
"hello Bob, thanks for the response to my query about the photo with my mate on, I keep thinking back to my n/service and things that happened, a detail we were on we had Antars at the front of the convoy we were behind with the DTs we got held up…"
Jun 7, 2014
Robert Allen left a comment for Brian Stent
"Hi Brian. I have spoken to Norman over the weekend as I said I would. On closer inspection he is convinced you are right and that it is not Lance Disney in the photo and that it most probably is your friend. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. At…"
Jun 5, 2014
Brian Stent commented on Robert Allen's photo

The Lads

"Its me again Bob looking at photo titled the lads 4th from left you have his name as lance Disney, it looks like a mate of mine called Keith Gwynn he lives in the same town as me we were friends before we went in the army i was n/service he was a…"
May 28, 2014
Brian Stent commented on Brian Stent's photo

Image (6)

"Hello Bob, I am unable to put a name to the lad with the kiss curl, the lad to the left of Jim is John Fooley, next Adam Cookson, then me hiding, one with the hoops on his jumper is Mick Gill we keep in contact  regular on Skype, left…"
May 28, 2014
Robert Allen commented on Brian Stent's photo

Image (6)

"Hi Brian, Me again ! Just having another look at the picture, Who is the lad next to Jim DEnnis, the lad with the "kiss curl" on his forehead ? face is famliar. Regardes, Bob"
May 28, 2014
Robert Allen commented on Brian Stent's photo

Image (6)

"Hi Brian. I will hang on as you suggest before emailing Bob Morris and just rely on you to let me know how things progress. Re Jim Dennis , I thought it was him as soon as I saw your photos. He used to come up to my gymn above the cookhouse. He was…"
May 28, 2014
Brian Stent commented on Brian Stent's photo

Image (6)

"Hi Bob, I think the lad you refer to was Jim Dennis he was in C Platoon a bit of a lad, all the photos were the dates you said its hard to remember people such a long time ago, I would hold back on contacting Bob yet until he decides weather he,s…"
May 27, 2014
Robert Allen commented on Brian Stent's photo

Image (6)

"Hi Brian, sorry for the delay in getting back to you but haven't been on my computer very much this last few weeks. Things have been a bit up in the air here due to health issues but things are settling down a bit now. Enjoyed the photos very…"
May 27, 2014
Brian Stent commented on Robert Allen's photo

Antar at "Senne" 1961

" Hello Bob, did you get my message about putting some photos on my page I was wondering if you had seen them, I spoke to Bob Morris last week on Skype he told me he has cancer I was shocked its hard to talk to some one with that illness he,s…"
May 26, 2014
Brian Stent left a comment for Robert Allen
"hello Bob I have put some photos on my page Dave Moulds is on photo 16 on the left I have some more I will have to sort them out and see if I can find Terry Finch that's me stood on the Centurian tank"
May 10, 2014

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At 6:06 on June 5, 2014, Robert Allen said…

Hi Brian. I have spoken to Norman over the weekend as I said I would.

On closer inspection he is convinced you are right and that it is not Lance Disney in the photo and that it most probably is your friend.

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. At least the photo has stirred up a pleasant memory for you and that's what it is all about. Please keep in touch. always good to hear from you. You and your good lady wife look after yourselves.

Regardes, Bob Allen.

At 22:40 on April 11, 2014, Robert Allen said…

Hi Brian. first things first . In your last message you asked me if I copped for the extra six months and I forgot to answer the question. the answer is yes but I only did three and a half months of it, worked a bit of a wangle! The lad in photo 16 ( stilt walker ) was Tom Dennis a Londoner. He was as strong as a horse but had a great singing voice. Prior to becoming a regular soldier, he used to work as a car breaker in civvy street. The lad in photo 48, I had in my mind as Brummy morris, but the more I look at it the less sure I am. Now you have mentioned the name Terry Finch, I have a strong feeling that the lad in the middle of photo 47 ( the one I am calling Bull Johnson ) was in actual fact, Terry Finch. Perhaps you might be in contact with someone who could help with that. The photo of the Dyson trailer tipped over I am afraid is just pushing the old grey cells a bit too far and I  can't for the life of me remember where that was, sorry. It was something that happend more than once though because one tyre would go and the heat and friction would blow the next one to it and so it would go on like a dominoe effect and before you new it the trailer would be over. All good fun though wasn't it. At the time all the Ns lads hated it but now when I contact any of them we only remember the good times ! Hope to hear from you again soon. regardes, Bob.

At 22:51 on April 7, 2014, Robert Allen said…

Hi Brian.Re your message at 9pm tonight. I remember Capt Waller Wilkinson very well, one of my best mates Pete "Pussycat" Brown had the unenviable job of being his regular full time driver ! I am in constant touch with "pussycat" and another dear friend Norman Lillywhite We are always chatting on the phone. Norman was also a champ driver in HQ along with "pussycat " Brown. When we first went out to Senne, I was Brocks number 2 for a while. I did know poor old Brock had passed away. I sent his daughter an email a few months back but I haven't heard anything, maybe she didn't receive it. I have also had 2 or three nice chats with Mo Walker on the phone. Don't know if you met Mo, he was a regular but knocked about a lot with us NS lads. Real rum bugger was our Mo, great laugh ( when he wasn't AWOL that is !) I live in Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire. Went living in Southern Spain for 5 years but came back here in 2000. Should have bloody stopped in Spain ! Regardes, Bob Allen

At 19:14 on April 6, 2014, Robert Allen said…

Hi Brian, we were in A platoon driving Antars. I have been in contact with Bob Morris several times but can't really remember for sure if we went on any  details with Bob. Bob seems to think we might have been on a detail to Holland when we were stopped at the Dutch border because he didn't have the correct paper work. I can remember going to Holland but I can't remember if it was with Bob. Mick Gill rings a bell. Do you remember Sgt "dicky" Dunlop and Lft. SWindells ? Regades, Bob Allen.

At 21:16 on April 4, 2014, Robert Allen said…

Hi Brian. I was at Senne doing NS from November 1960 untill september 1962 . Surely we must have met ? If it helps, it was at the time of : Sgt Flash Blythe. Sgt Daddy Glover, Corp Fred Judge, Corp Colin Wraithmell and many more that I would be happy to go over with you. I have posted about 100 photos on my page. Why not have a look at them and see if you recognise any of the lads? Kind regardes Bob Allen

At 20:31 on September 13, 2011, Reg Oliver said…
Hi Brian I forgot to say that I was at Senni the same time as yourself, can't say that I knew Mick as being in REME I didn't see much of you guys apart from the workshops and when out on detail(s) which I enjoyed very much. Not having computers in those days meant that contact was lost with many good mates. Regards Reg 
At 20:26 on September 13, 2011, Reg Oliver said…
Hi Brian. Just viewed your e-mail. Sorry for the late reply. We did get over to Doni retail park the other week but it was a last minute decision and I don't think I have your number. Mine is 01246 461156 or 07769 504216. If you have a contact number for Frank Hobbs can you let me have it please as I've been trying to contact him for a few days without success. I tend not to use all these different sites and use my e-mail address then I'm sure of receiving all the messages. Keep in contact mate. Hope all is going OK with your end. Regards to all. Reg.
At 15:29 on December 31, 2010, Mick Gill said…
Hi Brian,Ive spent the holidays going through the 5000 photos on the site and Im looking forward to yours arriving. Ive put over a hundred on my favourites site, my world is still in black and white it seems.Lots of places, names and vehicles I recognise but Its the names I cant seem to remember. Ill be putting a few that Ive found on the site this weekend If I can remember how to use the scanner and stuff. What the photographs have done is open my mind to how extensive the world of TT was and is.A whole history in pictures from the American DTs in africa 1940s and the American Oshcos?? in the 90s. And all the others inbetween, one or two of which were not exactly military looking. As for  our world in the 50-60, only a short few years after the war, remember the DP camps and the ruins and Belson before the monuments were put in place. The lads that followed us going all over the world were in far more danger than we ever were.  I looked over an Oshcos?? at a display at the TA training camp just outside Grantham and spoke to the crew.They spoke of ramps, shackles,pintlehooks, turnbuckles and winching ect, just the same as us, but lets be honest, progress over the years has given them better equipment, kit and vehicles and if Im honest im very envious of them.  50 years ago as a 19 year old, I remember being on drag, the conquoring hero in occupied Germany, fanciful yes but not exactly dangerous. As one of the old Buggers I now have a greater repsect for the past and present crews, wereever they might be serving.Good on you lads. Still cant recognise you Brian on the Email picture, HA. Got a bit serious there mate, keep in touch, Mick. 
At 19:17 on October 19, 2010, Frank Hobbs said…
Hi Brian, glad all is well with you and your wife. We are fine , just had a weekend down in Kent in a caravan ( my daughter arranged it from a advert in the Sun) My email address is as follows; frank-hobbs@hotmail.co.uk Did I have any pictures to scan for you ? I seem to have lost track of what I promised who so please let me know if yes and what (memory not what it used to be, an age thing). Regards Frank.
At 21:13 on September 26, 2010, Frank Hobbs said…
Hi Brian, yes Ian was in C platoon. He was a l/cpl and he was a mate of myself and Pete (Jim ) McCann.I have a picture of the three of us so I will try to put it on the site so you can see if he is the one and if you recognise us, Frank.



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