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The majority of photos posted on line have nothing to do with tank transporting. I thought the purpose of the tank transporter web page was Tank Transporting and not holiday snaps etc.

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James, what's the purpose of a personal page? To personalize is it not? In actual fact I'm using 7 Regiment as my own personal tool as a way to become whole. It's my own medicine. If you haven't grasped me yet, you never will.



I have viewed the images and content that Clifford has posted on this site, I have decided to suspend the member for reasons of spam.
The content on PTSD is appropriate, however this was obscured by the large amount of 'personal' images and information NOT pertaining to the Tank Transporter website brand.

Hi James,
apart from spammers on the site from time to time who post total non sensicle images, most of the time either the pictures show how and what we did, or how we are in life today.
There are over 8600 images or 432 pages of photos, they show all aspects of the members of the site, from re unions to serving in somewhere in the world or simply their latest toy; perhaps a motor bike....what ever makes them human!
The site was never intended to be just be pictures of Antars etc, it's about the people and what makes us different from the rest of the RTC (as it was for me then), after all I always thought and still do, that Tank Transporters were the cream of the RCT and the machines that we drove.
Please enjoy the site for what it is, there is a hell of a lot of history here, either in images or from members who are willing to be contacted to discuss events from the past.


PS. my English is crap....I should have paid more attention at school.

Thanks for your reply.   Jim

Hiya James, I agree with you, and I see that Facebook now has a Tank Transporter section. Surely that's the place for photo's of your dogs,  holidays, etc.

Facebook isn't a site that has any interest for me, so I will be posting my Tank Transporter items on here where they belong.

Merry Christmas to all our members. 

Just to add that I think Ken has made the right decision, in suspending Clifford Jack's posts, although I hope he gets all the help he needs to resolve his problems.

Best of luck Mr Jack. 

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Membership is free to join the Tank Transporter website, however not all those who apply are welcome due to spamming that has gone on in the past. Those individuals (spammers) who pretend to either have served or is currently serving, either want to send out false claims of poverty or get rich schemes to all of us.

I approve each member to the site, most times I get it right but the odd one slips through the net, if you feel that your application…


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