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I was posted to B Tp at 16 in 79 and took over from Lt Steve Garrick as Tp Comd. I have many good memories of my 2 years at Fally and just wonder what became of some of the characters that I served with. Without trying to go through a roll call I can remember the following who must have made an impression as I can still remember the names and faces some 30+ years on: Jock Johnstone, Butch Large, Jim Price, Smiler Byers, Sparra Willoughby, Kev Muldoon, DB Taylor, Eddie Dawes, Geordie Robinson, Mick Roberts, Debbie Reynolds, Tony Brown, Fred Chappell, Herbie Kinvig, Leigh Williams, Benny Bennett, Doc Holliday, Pete Bain, Taff Horton, Jock Laughlan, Colin Hodgson to name just a few. This list is just off the top of my head and I know that there will be more that will come to mind and I do realise that some of the above are no longer with us. Any info on any would be gratefully received. Me, well I went from 16 to 3 as TCO in 81 and then to 47 AD in 82 and then to Andover LE(A) in 84 and I left in 85, joined the Police in Gloucestershire and retired in 2009 only to return as a civvy doing the same job but for lots less salary.... They were good times and some unforgettable memories!

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Most of them are on Facebook. And at the Tk tptr reunion last weekend. I left fally 78.

Thanks for the information Don; I'll give Facebook a go. Ian L

Hi Ian

My father served between 79-84 in A troop 16 tk tptr. He has mentioned that it would be great to get in touch with his old mates. Not being military myself im not too sure how different A and B troop are? His name is William (Billy) Moore.
Hi Anthony, thanks for the enquiry. A and B Troop performed the same role but both generally worked independently of each other. I'm sure that if I saw your dad I'd probably recognise him - mind you its 35+ years on and the years have taken their toll - certainly on me! There is a Tk Tptr group on Facebook that could help. It's a closed group but if you state you're a relative then it would be considered favourably.

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